Wotan is from the village of Sadquiel, in the empire of Rhea. He was the apprentice of an apothecary by the name Hadarmiel. He became most interested in the making of potions. Secretly Wotan practiced magic as a form of entertainment. He studied both benevolent white magic and dark magic and the powers of both. He also learned magic tricks. 

After Hadaramiel died, Wotan found himself without work in Sadquiel. He decided to leave the village and travelled from place to place, trying to sell healing potions. He also put on magic shows. In the town of Urfiel, Wotan was accused of being a sorcerer and was arrested. After a publicized trial, he was acquitted after the jury could find no evidence to support a finding of sorcery against him. Even so, Wotan gained the notoriety of being a sorcerer. He then traveled to Tarmael and found work again as an apothecary.