Born in the empire of Hades on November 23, 3031 A.D. Princess Sagittaria was a happy young girl.When she was old enough, she took care of her younger brother Prince Rasamas, when her parents Emperor Makhai and Empress Velece were out at an occasion. Sagittaria took an interest in cooking at a young age. She liked to help out in the kitchen when her mother prepared family meals.  Sagittaria also liked to listen to noble women talk about raising children, when her mother had her friends at the palace for pastries and coffee. The noble women often commented upon how good it was to have Sagittaria there, as she was quite pleasant. This made Velece proud of her daughter. At one such gathering Sagittaria met Lady Sothis, who was also a nurse in the Hadian space fleet. Sagittaria liked to hear stories about how she assisted ill and injured service persons on her transport ship. Sagittaria knew then that becoming a nurse would be a fulfilling career for her. 

Although Sagittaria loved her father Makhai, she did not like that he gambled money in card games with his friends and drank too much vodka while watching the sport of quadrant. Still, she listened to his stories and made sure to bring him his favorite hot breakfasts in the morning, as he read the latest news from the Senatus.

Sagittaria attended the Hadian nobility school. She received above average grades throughout and especially liked taking household studies. She also volunteered at the Hadian orphanage preparing meals for the children who lived there. Sagittaria's favorite hobby was sewing and she became an excellent seamstress, making beautiful dresses for Velece and her friends. 

When she was 17, Sagittaria decided that she wanted to become a nurse and join the Hadian space fleet, like Lady Sothis. Makhai reluctantly agreed to allow Sagittaria to take military studies so that she could be eligible to apply to the Thean Academy. Velece would have preferred Sagittaria not to have gone to school past the age of 19, but she did not stand in the way of Sagittaria's dream to become a nurse.