Prince Daggen was born on February 1, 3032 A.D. in the palace of the empire of Demeter. At an early age Daggen learned to distrust his strict and uncaring father Emperor Abstractio. The only one who was there for him growing up was his mother Empress Venusia, who did all she could to protect Daggen.  

Daggen went to the Demeter military school as a boy. Although he did not like school, he excelled at science and mathematics. Daggen was a moody boy who kept to himself and avoided conflict with the other boys at school, until  a larger boy assailed him. Daggen, who did not know how to fight, stood his ground and wrestled with the boy until the fight was stopped. Daggen and the other boy were both expelled for one week by the school Commadorius. Abstractio was angry with Daggen for the expulsion and ordered him to his room for the duration with no contact with anyone, except servants for meals. Venusia defied Abstractio and visited Daggen and in turn would not speak to Abstractio for a week. 

The altercation with the boy motivated Daggen to learn to defend himself. He did not mention it to Abstractio, however, Venusia supported Daggen with his idea. Daggen began to train in self defense with a palace guard named Hayate and became an excellent student. After he returned to school Daggen noticed some boys training with swords in the yard. He later discovered that the school had a swordsman team that competed against other schools in tournaments where they wore protective equipment and used blunted swords. Daggen became interested in this team and was allowed to join. Daggen did not know what his mother would think of him joining the swordsman team but knew that his father would object. He told his mother after some swordsman training. Later Venusia presented Daggen with his first sword, one that had come from her late grandfather. Daggen had a second place finish at his first tournament and then won the next. Seeing that Daggen showed promise as a swordsman the team chose him to be team leader.  Here he also learned the importance of the chivalry required of a true swordsman.

Daggen continued his studies and and practiced both self defense and swordsmanship until he was 19 years old. Then he graduated from the Demeter military academy. Daggen knew that joining the Demeter space fleet was the best option for him so he applied and was admitted to the Thean Academy, an academy that admitted the best military students from all 4 empires and the neutral Thean democracy. To Daggen this was the way to avoid his royal duties as prince and to stay away from the palace and his father altogether.  He could also do something very interesting with his life, something he wanted to do.