Prince Abariel was born on on May 23, 3031 A.D. in Tarmael to Emperor Remian and Empress Sarese. Remian took special interest in raising Abariel to be a swordsman, as he knew early on that this was a good way to direct Abariel away from fighting with other boys in the Rhean school that Sarese wanted him to attend. Abariel was a natural at all athletics he was involved with, including the sport of quadrant. However, some of the children who went to school with him complained that he was too pushy. Remian, after hearing the complaints from the school master, disregarded them. Sarese had a different view of this and tried to convice him to take the complaints more seriously. 

Sarese took the time to teach Abariel to have high standards of conduct. In her eyes this meant to be true to one's principles, however, to Abariel it meant that one should be judgmental of others and those who did not follow the rules should not go unpunished. Abariel did have school friends who listened to what he said and even some adults started to see that Abariel could become a powerful emperor, perhaps even stronger than Remian. 

Both Remian and Sarese wanted Abariel to apply to the Thean Academy and then join the Rhean space fleet. Sarese coached him in all subjects, so that he could have the academic standing to be accepted. Abariel made the grades necessary and at the age of 19 was admitted.