Anteros is the furthest inhabitable planet from Theta Tauri. The planet has two large lakes  and many oil and iron ore deposits. Anteros is also the coldest of the Tauran inhabitable planets, with cold snowy winters. The settlers of Anteros were those who could least afford to go to Harmonia. They called themselves Hadians. The Hadians became dairy  farmers and ranchers with self sufficient vegetable farms.  Some Hadians were also miners and oil workers. 

Life for the Hadians was mostly unchanged until the empire of Hades was formed in 2698 A.D.  after centuries of a feudal system of government. The Hadians always had the freedom to worship and the main religions on earth were represented. Otherwise, the Hadians had limited rights with a strict penal system and wanted more prosperity and most thought that the feudal system had to be replaced. By a majority the Hadians voted to become an empire  and be represented by a Senatus. A wealthy Lord by the name of Gevus was elected Hades first emperor. 

After vote in the Senatus, a resolution was passed permitting the empire to enter into trade discussions with other empires and the Thean democracy.  After talks with the empires of Rhea and the Diodinians did not go as planned due to fundamental differences between the empires, only the Thean democracy and the empire of Demeter remained as possible trade partners. 

Emperor Gevus and Demeterian Emperor Vantor II discussed trade, however, a military alliance was also proposed by Vantor II. Gevus advised the Senatus of this and the idea of having a military alliance with the empire of Demeter became the subject of much debate. A military alliance alongside trade with the Demeterians, then passed into law. A technology for agricultural products and resources trade agreement with the Thean democracy was also agreed to by the Senatus.  Although the trade agreements benefited Hadians somewhat, many of the feudal Lords just became wealthier.