Empress Venusia was raised  by her grandfather Prince Cardiel and her grandmother Princess Nadriam. At a young age Venusia proved to be confident, tenacious and headstrong. At 14 she championed the cause of stray dogs in the empire  of Demeter and at 15 stood for protection of a rare orchid found only on Ares. Venusia excelled at all subjects in the Demeter girls school, especially communication and speaking, however, she did not have the opportunity to go to school beyond the age of 19 because of her duties as a princess, with the 2nd family to succession to the throne of the empire of Demeter.

When Venusia was 20 she married then Prince Abstractio. He was 15 years older and next in line to his father Emperor Vandor VII's throne.  Before marriage Venusia had one other royal suitor, a man named Lord Ohazia, who although he was younger and more handsome than Abstractio, was considered dull, boring and unmotivated by Venusia. She also knew that marrying Abstractio, who she saw as intelligent, would place her  in a position to make what she thought could be much needed changes in the empire. Changes that would help common Demeterians live better lives. Within one year of marriage, the empire greeted Prince Daggen, who Venusia cherished from the moment of his birth. Three years later Vandor VII died. Abstractio became emperor and Venusia empress of Demeter. 

After Daggen's birth, Venusia spent much of her time tending to him and raising him to be a polite and respectful young prince. However, Daggen could be a handful for Venusia as he would lose his temper when he was told what to do. Abstractio paid little attention to Daggen and simply ordered him to attend the Demeter military school when he was 5 years old. 

When Daggen was away at school Venusia became frustrated with her position as empress as Abstractio wanted her simply to attend to such matters as royal dinners and greeting guests, playing no role in the ruling of the empire. Refusing to allow this much further, Venusia decided to verbally confront Abstractio about her limited royal duties. To her surprise, he acquiesced and permitted her to take charge of the Demeter woman's civil administratius corp, a group of women who dealt with processing civil orders within the empire. This was not sufficient though for Venusia to make the changes she and a  growing number of Demeterians wanted in the empire. She also knew that Daggen would need to be prepared to be a good emperor for the empire to truly change, but he was still young and this could be some time in the future.