Sarese was born in the Rhean capitol of Tarmael to a metal worker named Charmeas and his wife Semyaza, who had 2 other daughters.  Sarese was close to her father and did not pay too much attention to her sisters growing up. She attended a Rhean public school and was a good student, also excelling at competitive running. During her teenage years Sarese realized that she would need to have an occupation of her own. At the age of 19 she decided to attend Tarmael university and study physiology. She graduated and joined the Rhean army. 

Sarese was trained to command a Rhean light spider tank, which was capable of speeds of up to 90 m.p.h. She enjoyed the maneuvers and war games that she participated in. Sarese was later promoted to 3rd captain and then 2nd captain and became a tank commander. 

Talk among the soldiers of the Rhean army soon turned to the possibility that sides may have to be taken in the event that war broke out between monarchists and parliamentarians. Sarese chose not to say much to her fellow soldiers about her choice of sides, however, secretly she choose the parliamentarians. When the war finally started, Sarese saw more than half of her tank brigade leave to fight for the monarchists.  

After the first battle between the two sides, Sarese's brigade was ordered to the outskirts of Tarmael, to defend the city from a  monarchist advance. A heated battle then ensued between the two forces and Sarese's brigade took large loses from monarchist artillery and armor. The tanks that remained in Sarese's brigade, were then ordered into the city. More parliamentarian tanks and artillery were lost in the fighting in the city, as were soldiers and aircraft. 

After the battle stopped, Tarmael was in near ruin. Sarese noticed Remian and his army, from a distance moving towards the Rhean parliament building. No parliamentarian forces attempted to stop the monarchist advance. Then word came that the parliamentarians had surrendered. Sarese advised her 1st captain that a white flag had to be raised to avoid further losses and save what was left of the Rhean democracy. She received no response. Sarese then ordered her tank driver to move towards the monarchists and she brought up the white flag. Upon seeing Remian for the first time, Sarese felt that he would listen to her. She did not know that this chance meeting would change her life.