After centuries of economic prosperity Rhea found itself in an economic depression that had lasted 9 years. The Rean parliament and elected leadership found themselves unable to take Rhea out of the depression. Some Rheans called for the return of the monarchy and the re-establishment of the empire of Rhea while other Rheans wanted to maintain the democracy as it was and wait until the depression ended. Food and supply shortages then started to occur, leading to clashes between monarchists and parliamentarians. 

In 3030 A.D. Remian, who had descended from Emperor Ophael, became the leader of the monarchists. He was a powerful voice for return to the Rhean monarachy with himself being named emperor of Rhea. The parliamentarians choose a Rhean general, an older man by the name of Yermel to be their military leader. As the demonstrations and protests between the two sides became more intense, Remian ordered Rhean soldiers, who had sided with the monarchists, to open fire upon the parliamentarians. This event caused the Rhean parliament and the Rhean prime minister, Heedly, to call out Rhean loyalist soldiers to attack monarchist soldiers. Within a short time the monarchists gathered more support and soldiers. Heedly then instituted conscription to suppress the monarchists.

Remian and his main army marched towards the Rhean capitol of Tarmael. Rhean parliamentarians countered with the loyalist army. The parliamentarians had the advantage of an air force but the monarchists had more tanks, artillery and soldiers. A 3 day battle between the two forces ensued, with heavy casualties on both sides. The parliamentarians then retreated within the city and Remian ordered a 2nd monarchist army to follow them, to take the capitol. After 5 days of bloody urban fighting, the monarchists emerged victorious. Heedly escaped the capitol and sent a soldier to submit his resignation to parliament. General Yermel then surrendered the Rhean loyalist armed forces to the monarchists. 

Remian who was wounded in hand to hand fighting, wanted all of parliament to be disolved and have himself immediately named as emperor. Remian nearly had his way when he was approached under white flag by a woman named Sarese, who was a 2nd captain in the loyalist Rhean army. She convinced Remian that the war had to end and that Rhea needed to be rebuilt and unified. Remian agreed and he was later declared emperor of Rhea by a newly elected parliament. Remian was taken by Sarese's strength of character and fell in love with her. He later asked her if she would marry him and be his empress. Sarese agreed.