Abstractio was the youngest child of Vantor VII and his consort Mesriel. His elder brother, Prince Vantor, died from an illness at 11 years old. Abstractio was very good at all games of strategy growing up. Games that he took seriously, winning often over other noble boys and  girls. 

As a young adult Abstractio planned for the day he would become Emperor of Demeter. He saw his father as a weak ruler who was indecisive. Abstractio felt that Vantor VII had brought disrespect to the throne and that when he became emperor instead, respect could be restored through exercise of power. Abstractio became expert at developing alliances with families of the nobility in the empire. He rewarded those who showed respect for him and agreed with his view of strict rule of the empire, with money and gifts. He wanted to return Demeter to the days of the rule of Vantor I and the first emperors. For those nobles who disagreed with him, Abstractio maneuvered his father into taking away their land rights.

As emperor Abstractio believed that he would have the recognition that he wanted. He also had to have the image necessary for strong rule.  No stranger to drinking with friends, Abstractio was rumored to have had a pretty lady friend, who he had met at a tavern. When Mesriel found out about the secret relationship and that the woman was a commoner, she had Vantor VII banish the woman so that she was not permitted to be within 1,000 miles of the palace. Abstractio showed little emotion, which was not unusual for him, but he did confide in Mesriel that he thought an exception could be made for him to marry a commoner, but no such exception could be made under royal matrimony laws of succession to the throne. At the age of 35 Abstractio was introduced to the younger Princess Venusia, who he said was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  Abstractio decided to marry Venusia and he received the blessing of her grandparents to marry her. A large wedding was planned. Abstractio now had the empress he wanted.