As the population of Harmonia grew, the planet of Dyonysus became a destination for earth settlers to Taurus. Dyonysus was somewhat cooler than Harmonia, however, the original settlers, who called themselves Diodinians, soon found precious gems and lands suitable for farming and making wine and beer. Chocolate was made as were gourmet foods and a variety of cheeses. The Diodinians also produced fine clothing and jewlery.  

The Diodines lived peacefully within a democracy and enjoyed their lives by socializing together, often sharing fine meals within the growing towns and later cities on Dyonysus. However, there was talk among Diodinians that they had little way to defend themselves. 

With the forming of the empires of Demeter and Hades, the Diodinians decided that they too should become an empire so that they would have a stronger position in terms of leadership. The Diodinians also wanted more liberties and freedoms and they felt that this should also be put to vote. In 2704 A.D. a well known wine maker by the name of Turos, was elected emperor and the liberties the Diodinians wanted were made into law, including important speech, fair trial and the religious right to worship as one choose.   

The Diodinians were approached by the the empire of Rhea and the Theans about forming alliances. The Diodinians entered into a trade agreement with the Theans, who offered to sell technology, coffee and Demeterian and Hadian products, including foods, oil, minerals and wood, to the Diodinians at a higher price than they had bought the products from the empires of Demeter and Hades. In exchange the Theans received the gourmet foods, wines, beers luxury goods made by the Diodinians.  The Diodinians then resold Hadian oil, minerals and Demeterian agricultural and fish products to the Rheans at an even higher price. The Rheans offered to provide military protection and military equipment to the Diodinians, who became the wealthiest of all of the 4 empires.