Ares the second furthest planet from Theta Tauri is, cool but not freezing. It is covered mostly in forests and grassy fertile fields, with some very large lakes and no oceans. Rain is frequent and the original settlers were able to farm various crops and build simple homes. 

In 2703 A.D. the Empire of Demeter was formed by vote of farm leaders. A soldier by the name of Vantor was elected Demeter's first emperor. He then became known as Vantor I. Although the possiblity of a democracy under the rule of an emperor was considered, the majority thought that simply having an emperor was enough. 

Vantor I soon instituted a criminal code that imposed harsh punishment for even minor crimes. Demeterians, who were mostly law abiding, saw criminals as a nuisance and said little about the new criminal laws. All trials, including civil disputes, were held before an enlisted soldier, a military tribunius, with one appeal to a superior officer. Soldiers policed the empire and as a result the crime rate was low and disputes among Demeterians were few. Demeterians were permitted to worship Demeterian gods, however, they were limited to free speech among family members and close friends but were not permitted to say anything against the empire or speak  false words. Vantor I died within 2 years and his son, also a soldier, became Vantor II.

Demeter was the poorest of the 4 empires and Vantor II sought to make Demeter the most powerful of all 4 empires in terms of it's military incuding space fleet, army, navy and air force. Both men and women age 19 were required to join the military, for a period of 5 years. Those who could not serve had to join the civil corp where they could learn a trade or profession.  To make military equipment Demeter looked to the empire of Hades which was rich in the resources necessary for the manufacturing of weapons. Demeter and Hades became allies and the empire of Demeter traded crops, fish, vodka and wood products with the empire of Hades in exchange for the raw materials for military manufacturing, which also provided work to Demeterians. The neutral Thean democracy, from the planet Athena, provided technocrats to design military equipment and also sold other technical products as well as coffee and some expensive Rhean and Diodinian products to the empire, in exchange for food and wood. 

Although most Demeterians found life in the empire to be dreary, they felt that they were safe and that Vantor II had made the changes necessary in Demeter.