Mike Frantz is the writer and creator of 4 Empires. Mike has always enjoyed good science fiction and especially liked watching Star Wars movies and Star Trek on television growing up. Mike also keeps up on the latest with NASA and scientific discoveries in space. As far as writing is concerned, Mike's influences are William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and F. Scott Fitzgerald.  His favorite written works are Romeo and Juliet, Great Expectations, The Great Gatsby and Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. Mike sees the use of metaphor as an important part of writing a good story. He also views writing as an expression of his creativity. 

An appreciator of music, Mike likes listening to a variety of music including Top 40, Rock and Classical, especially when he writes.  

Mike keeps active at the gym and walks. He also likes the beach, tennis and barbecues by the pool. He lives in Murrieta, California and has one son, Johnny.